Welcome to VSOLVITT

Vsolvitt is a boutique financial advisory firm located in Mumbai. Vsolvitt provides services dedicated to serving the needs of owners, shareholders and managers of privately owned mid-sized businesses and mid-cap public companies, and large public companies and private equity funds.
Our mission is to provide quality service to our clients to solve their most important business problems.
We bring with us strong domain knowledge across various industries transcending across different functions.
We execute assignments across the globe.
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The work ethos and philosophy for initiating V SolVitt is captured and illustrated both in the name of the company and its logo. The logo of V SolVitt depicts the true nature and meaning of the organization. The word Vitt stands for finance and it originates from Sanskrit the primary liturgical and scholarly language of Hinduism. V SolVitt has its very foundation resting on the conviction that we render consultancy to solve any issue related to Vitt that is finance.
Our logo is a personification of our intention and values as its design is drawn from the nature of the business we are into. In our logo there are four entrances in the outer square indicating the four different areas of finance namely Equity, Debt, Hybrids and Derivatives. Our solutions chiefly would draw from these four sources. The square has three lines which symbolically represents many things. The concept of three lines here depicts the precision in our fundamental approach and totality in our solutions straddling across the entire continent. Our services are not constrained to any region or zone, the time frames of past, present and future indicates that our solutions would be robust in each of these time zones if meticulously followed.
The two red colored figurines symbolize the Equity and Debt segments which are to be in a state of balance. We promise to maintain their balance in the middle perpendicular line which signifies that the corporates can achieve great heights.
Finally the inverted triangle embodies a V which stands for Value, what we propose to achieve for our clients and at the same time there are limitations to this value propositions which must be recognized and is represented by the inverted base line.
We can claim many things, but at last it depends on our clients to experience the service and determine whether we made a difference or not. With a commitment to implement our solutions and take those to their logical conclusions we surely hope to build a world class diversified boutique financial advisory group.

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